What you need to know... to get the image you see!


The histogram holds all the information you need to make the perfect exposure. After you click the shutter, check the histogram display on the LCD. Learn how to read the histogram and you have the key to great exposures.

Camera Work

What shutter speed? What f/stop? Tripod or no tripod? How do you get good texture in the water? Don't know the answers to these questions? Look no further!


Some waterfalls are so big that only a panorama can hold the whole thing! In addition, a panorama made with a moderate telephoto can pack a lot of pixels into the final image; perfect for big enlargements!

High Dynamic Range

Waterfalls often present a range of brightness values that far exceed the dynamic range of the digital sensor. In fact, it exceeds the ability of a monitor to display, and an inkjet to print. Good tone mapping software to the rescue!